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       A little bit about Aldo and Lucie:

Aldo and Lucie Costa, born and raised in Montreal, Canada have dedicated their lives to serving God in full time ministry, traveling all across the US and Canada through evangelistic ministries and then working in local Churches throughout the US. They bring to you 19 years of ministry experience that will help your Worship and Ministering Arts teams and Church experience a deeper level of authentic worship and ministry, as individuals first and then as a corporate unit.

Aldo and Lucie studied Music Evangelism and Bible Theology at North Central Bible College in Minnesota and upon graduating they soon began traveling as full time Music Evangelists. They ministered through music and preaching in various church settings and denominations, prisons and conferences across the US and Canada.

On their journey, they embraced the opportunity to become Drama Directors for Reality Outreach Ministries, learning the skills of leadership, coaching, producing and directing church groups to minister through the Ministry of Drama for 6 years. Shortly after, they answered the call to fill the position of Ministering Arts Pastors in a local church in Kent Washington for 7 ½ years; helping the Senior Pastor and the Leadership to grow the church from about 700 to 2000 members.  Aldo was the main WorshipPastor and Overseer of the Arts Ministries; which included the Praise and Worship teams, Choir, Drama and Dance teams, while Lucie worked closely with him - involved in writing, producing and directing the Productions and songwriting.

While ministering in the local churches as Worship and Ministering Arts Pastor, Aldo, along with Lucie, pastored the Ministering Arts teams to grow not only in their musical gifts, but also in their personal lifestyles of personal worship and faith. They built their Worship and Arts teams ministries with the guidance and wisdom of the Holy Spirit through prayer and authentic relationships. They also trained up Praise/Worship/Dance leaders who many have today, begun their own ministries in other churches across the US. 

During their years of ministry, they recorded two personal CD’s, two with their previous Praise/Worship band and Lucie recorded a solo CD in 2005.  They also, along with their Church bands accompanied various Christian Music Artists in Church concert setttings and have also ministered at Jesus Fest in Canada and other various types of outdoor Christian Concerts venues. They also were involved in singing for television and radio ministries featured in the US and Canada..

Their love for God and His Church is passionate and their desire and goal is to see Worship and Ministering Arts teams all over the US and Canada minister with a spirit of excellence and in unity with one another.

Aldo's strengths are leading congregations into a passionate and authentic worship experience, pastoring and caring for the music and arts teams and helping to build a united, strong team of worshipers.

Aldo and Lucie are both musically talented in vocals and Aldo’s lead instrument is acoustic guitar but also plays electric guitar and also has played the saxaphone in his own church orchestra for many years. They have a calling to raise up the Body of Christ; to teach them to be leaders who will lead in Spirit and in Truth. They will challenge, inspire and encourage all those who are serious about their gifts and callings to impact lives for eternity!

Aldo and Lucie also founded and published a Christian Women's Magazine; Beautiful One Magazine, an online and print publication for 4 years. Through this season of media ministry, the message of salvation was spread to 7 countries across the world resulting in countless salvations. Ministering in this venue as well, has allowed Aldo and Lucie to broaden their creativity to reach through the church walls and minister in relevant ways using media resources.

They both love to entertain people with food, fun and fellowship.Creating a family atmosphere is very important to them. They love people and they love to encourage people to love God and love life!

Aldo and Lucie also do graphic design on the side - they love anything to do with taking a blank canvas and creating something!

Lucie loves to teach from the Word and out of her experiences to help better equip the next generation for the work of the ministry in the Church and the Marketplace. She also has taught and been a motivational speaker in many women's conferences and retreat settings and has a passion to encourage women to fulfill their destinies as well!

Aldo and Lucie have two beautiful children, Nicole (18) and Micah (14) and reside in Auburn, Washington.


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