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Letters and Comments:

~Aldo and Lucie Costa are true worship leaders.  Their teamwork is strategic, their musical ability is skillful and their anointing is undeniable...but it is their ability to lead a congregation into the unmistakable presence of God that makes this couple so effective.

Pastors Hugo and Michelle Montes


~Pastor Aldo and Lucie Costa are an amazing couple with diverse abilities and giftings that have been evident throughout their many years of leadership experience in Worship & Arts as well as in other areas of ministry and outreach.

They are dedicated worshippers with a deep passion for God and a sincere heart for worship and ministering to people. Their primary focus is on the presence and power of God. It is at the core of who they are. They don’t perform or entertain; they engage others in worship – whether it be through music, choreography, drama, visual media or other aspects of creative and ministering arts.

They are passionate about training and equipping men and women to be worship pastors and leaders or in serving as team members within Worship & Arts. They are excellent communicators and mentors with dynamic interpersonal skills – and years of expertise in developing people and teams in leadership as well as in musical and creative excellence.

If you are looking for a Worship Pastor couple to help bring your Worship and Creative Arts ministries to new levels, I highly recommend this couple to join your team.  Or if you are looking to for a resource to bring to your local church for a ministry training event, worship/workshop retreats or such,  I am confident you and your team will find them to be exceptional.

Bev Manning
Director of Communications
Stone Church, Yakima WA



~As I walked through the doors of River of Life Fellowship in Kent Washington back in September 2004, I knew this was the place for me.  My first impression of Pastor Aldo and Lucie Costa was this, “What a fantastic power house and truly anointed couple!”  I come from an extensive background in leading worship as well as special music from numerous mega churches around the country, and I knew I wanted to get to know and be involved in a ministry that was led by these 2 wonderfully gifted and anointed individuals.

As I quickly learned from joining their Worship team, Pastor Aldo and Lucie led this team differently than I had ever experienced.  Their approach and style was extremely refreshing.  They not only led the teams musically, but also most importantly, knew how to teach, build, encourage and inspire in a way that brought the team closer to God and closer together as a family.  For I have never been involved with a leadership team that cared so deeply; where the concern for where each individual (team member) was at spiritually and Pastor Aldo and Lucie made sure they mentored in a way that you knew you were safe and accepted.

From week to week, it was a group that was led by the Holy Spirit time and time again.  They never allowed a rigid schedule get in the way of what God was going to do or trying to do with our team and with the church Worship service. If I could have, I would have followed them to wherever their paths led them to, for they are truly amazing and any church would be extremely blessed to have them come and be a part of their vision.

Becca Swanson
Special Music Coordinator, Worship Team member
Kent, WA.



~This letter concerns two people who I admire, love and have the honor of calling friends.
Pastor Aldo and Lucie Costa were the Praise and Worship Pastors at my church for seven years. I hadn't really been involved with the worship team until they came on board. It was so clear that they truly had hearts to worship the Lord in spirit and truth. They took the church to a new level of worship. Countless times people would tell us how anointed the worship was and that was what drew them into our church. Every year it seemed to get better and better. I think it was because they both have a way of getting people to stretch themselves and because of another gifting that they have; they are exhorters. Worship at the church was never "The Aldo & Lucie Show" as they would always let others on the team try new things and have the experience of leading. They were not just leading worship, they were bringing out the worship leader that they knew was in each of us.

To some of us Pastor Aldo and Lucie were spiritual parents and to some of us they were a brother and a sister but they definitely had a way of making us all feel like family. With their love that knew no bounds (helping anyone that needed help from counseling to moving to a new house to remodeling to just spending some time together) and their knowledge of The Word they demonstrated Christ-likeness on a daily basis. Though the Lord has called them to new places and new callings,  the seeds of wisdom, love and friendship continue to grow in all of us who have been blessed to know them.

     Connie Ollmann
     Vocal Coach, Worship Team member
      Kent, WA



~I, Greg Steele was  involved with the Worship team at the River of Life Fellowship under Pastor Aldo and Lucie. I started off playing just the lead guitar and was eventually mentored by Pastor Aldo as a Worship Leader. The time under their leadership was like a fine wine and only got better with time. I really loved what it evolved into and enjoyed the structure and discipline that they brought. The team was divided into sub-leaders under Pastor Aldo and the sub-leaders were responsible for their team members underneath them. They were responsible for calling their members and giving them updates or putting out new information. The sub-leaders reported directly to Pastor Aldo. I deeply appreciated the organization that made this part of the team so successful.

The practices started out with a regrouping time on Tuesday evenings. It was a time that Pastor Aldo would put out new information about new music or events that were going to be taking place, or special services coming up etc.  It was also a time where he would lead us into powerful prayer time. He would ask us for our prayer requests and our praise reports and we would come together as a family supporting one another in both. I believe this time was invaluable and was the ‘superglue’ behind the rock solid bond the team had. Pastor Aldo required us at one time to read a book about prayer and we would talk about that as well in our small groups.
Pastor Aldo was a gentle spirit with love in one hand and discipline in the other. Pastor Aldo and Lucie loved their teams deeply and I felt loved by both of them. They truly cared about the team and their families. I shared my struggles and heart with Pastor Aldo and he understood and directed me towards a worship lifestyle.  They also made time for the teams to enjoy fellowship and recreation.  We had bowling nights and Pastor Aldo would do cookouts for us at parks or over at their house and it was truly a sweet time of being able to get to know one another.
As for being mentored by Pastor Aldo as a Worship Leader, he taught me how to lead a congregation into intimate praise and worship, not just a song service. He allowed me to express my own style, while correcting me on the mistakes which were made. I blossomed into a good worship leader and was then able to lead on a consistent basis, on a rotation schedule and also as the main Men’s Group Worship Leader. He also trained me well enough to fill his shoes when he stepped down from the River of Life fellowship until they hired the new worship leaders.  
I learned how important stage presence was! Pastor Aldo and Lucie would have the team video taped during rehearsals and services to help us grow towards excellence. We all got to see first hand the way we looked, played or sang but most importantly, what we conveyed to the congregation. It made me grow and realize to express to the congregation the love I feel inside for the Father and the love He has for His people. 
Pastor Aldo developed the website for the team that enabled all of us team members to access all the charts for the upcoming services, MP3's, archived charts, and further communication. This is  and still is in place and was a great and helpful tool for all of us to be better equipped and prepared for our services.
In closing, I will always remember the team under Pastor Aldo and Lucie and can sum my experience up with one word "Love". I love Pastor Aldo and Lucie and I miss them very much. Aldo is my Pastor, friend, and brother in Christ.  Everything they touch I pray, is blessed by our God and Creator.

  Greg Steele
  Lead Guitarist, Worship Leader



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