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                  INTIMACY       PASSION    PRAYER  COMMITMENT

Intimacy, passion, prayer, commitment: These are some of the most important elements that make for authentic praise and worship that reach the very heart of God and impact lives for eternity.

Is your worship team and church longing for the Presence of God to be revealed more powerfully in their lives and through their gifts? Is your worship team being encouraged to live in daily, intimate relationship with Him? Are they passionately living for God and are they committed to a lifestyle of worship that brings honor to our Lord?

Is the worship effectual worship ministry? Is it performance based or does it communicate the hope and love of the Father wherein lives are literally being touched and brought closer to the Father's heart through it?

Taking your Praise and Worship to higher heights and deeper depths of authentic, passionate worship and encouraging a lifestyle of living free in Christ is what God has called us to do!

Keep browsing our site to find out what God has called us to do: to teach, challenge, inspire and refresh your worship teams to be all they were meant to be!



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