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Our Worship Workshops/Retreats: Raising up Leaders (in the Music/Arts ministries)

Example for Music Ministries - strategies, planning and growth:

Session Questions, Assessments and Solutions about the Worship and Arts Teams, the Media & Technical teams and other important stuff:

  • Is Prayer a part of your daily, personal life? Is prayer a part of your ministry?
    The importance of building a solid Worship Ministry built on Prayer

  • What do your Auditions look like? What are your standards? What are you looking for? How do you direct your auditions? How do you deal with people/conflict in this area?
    Auditions: Finding the right people for the teams

  • Song Selection: Are you 'stuck' on a certain musical style because that's what you're comfortable with? Are you open to exploring and ministering different styles of music? What age groups are making up your church?
    Styles of Music and integrating them within the Worship services

  • What are you covering in your rehearsals? How effective are your rehearsals?
    Structured Rehearsals: Making the most of yours and everyone’s valuable time!

  • What is your definition of Commitment? Are you a good example to your team of someone who 'goes the extra mile?'
    Commitment to the Vision of the House: Going the extra mile

  • Volunteers - Your team is made up of them. Do you care to mentor them and help them grow in their giftings?

  • Building relationships and trust with your team and other Leadership

  • Creativity: Allowing the team to be creative while staying with the flow of the Vision and the theme of the Services
  • Modeling Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit: Are you teaching your team members how to flow together, in submission to the leading of the Holy Spirit; being on the same page as Pastor or Leader who is directing the ministry?

  • Connecting: How often do you meet with other Worship Leaders around town?

  • Do you encourage or plan events for your team to attend other Worship Conferences/Seminars in the area?

  • Do you meet on a One on One basis with your team members to make sure they are doing okay personally and spiritually?


Creating and Building a Web site
(for Worship Team Members access only)

This web site should include these important areas:

New Music/ MP3's/Charts: A place to download new music mp3's and charts (already charted for your own team)

  • Rehearsal Song Lists: An updated list of songs that will be rehearsed for upcoming Rehearsal

  • Special Music : Charts and Audio downloads for upcoming musical specials, or for special services

  • Events Calendar (week to week/month to month/ special services, or events in the area, or upcoming worship conferences/seminars etc...)

  • Song Service Lists for each upcoming service (s) (as planned by you/leadership)

  • Prayer and Praise reports: A place for the teams to write in their praise reports or prayer needs (Forum)

  • A Word from the Worship Leader (like a weekly devotional)





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