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       (for Worship leaders and all Worship Team members)

Teaching :  Part 1

Basic Fundamentals of Worship

  • A parallel of Biblical Worship and Today’s Worship
  • What is a Worshipper ?
  • Ministry VS  Performance
  • Time of Sharing : thoughts, challenges, successes, suggestions
  • Prayer and Praise time

Teaching :  Part 2

Important Keys to unlocking and releasing authentic Worship:
The making of a successful and powerful Worship team

  • Personal Worship Lifestyle - Living worship outside the church walls
  • Talent vs Gift - Knowing the difference will make all the difference!
  • Prayer Focus - The foundation for PURE worship
  • Team Building - The importance of UNITY
  • Commitment, Faithfulness, the Willing Heart - Going the extra mile
  • Passion - Your passion for God, the House and for the people
  • Stage Presence - What’s going on up there?!
  • Submission to Leadership & team members

Teaching: Part 3

Coaching/Practical Hands On for Instrumentalists and Vocalists

  • Hands on Application:  Video tapes & constructive critiquing (What do you see/hear?)
  • Vocal excercises & tips and getting a unified sound (harmony, blending, solos)
  • Band /Instrumental techniques and getting a unified sound (keeping it simple but getting creative)
  • Songwriting




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